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Tech Week - Emmanuel Alvarado

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2015 Fall Campus Forum - Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado

Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado describes his Commitment to Excellence project to the Eissey Campus faculty and staff.

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INSIGHT - Holocaust Survivor - Alan Wainberg

Professor Emmanuel Alvarado interviewsmAlan Wainberg - a Holohcaust survivor

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Holocaust presentation

Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado uses short clip from Insight's (a Holocaust survivor's organization) as a presentation.

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INSIGHT - Holocaust Survivor - Norman Frajmam

Professor Emmanuel Alvarado interviews Normn Frajmam - a Holocaust survivor.

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President Obama's Immigration Plan - Myth, Realities and Possibilities

Introduction: Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado Moderator: Dr. Cary High Panelists: Associate Professor Maria Garcia-Landry Michelle Diaz Aileen Josephs Esq. Dr. Jeannett Manzanero

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Spanglish in Popular Culture

Speaker: Dr. Luis Alvarado, Director of ITESM USA

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INSIGHT - Holocaust Survivor - Frieda Jaffe

Professor Emmanuel interviews a Frieda Jaffe - a Holocaust survivor.

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Professor Alvarado - Los unos del pretérito e imperfecto

Spanish language course on Preterite versus Imperfect tense

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Professor Alvarado - The Verb IR (to go)

Spanish language lesson

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Professor Alvarado - La Familia Hispana

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Professor Alvarado - El Imperfecto


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