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Spring 2021 PBSC Career Fair

Save the date! Join us and network with employers virtually in our Spring 2021 Career Fair. There are two opportunities to network with employers Wed. April 28 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4…

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Search for Jobs with PBSC and College Central

PBSC has partnered with College Central to provide students and alumni with access to searching jobs, internships, resume and portfolio creation, and additional free career resources such as career…

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Career Center resources for students and alumni

The Career Center at Palm Beach State College has 5 offices servicing the 5 campuses. Career Center Advisors can help students explore careers, clarify goals, choose a major, find and internship/job…

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Career Center Overview

Visit your campus Career Center today! Find out how they can help you.

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Five student resume No No's

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Answering the salary question

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Networking your way to a job

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Inside the mind of the interviewer

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Getting the most out of your internship

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Answering " What are your weaknesses?"

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PBS CareerFair

Preparing for a career fair

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Cover Letter

The cover letter: A teaser ad for your resume

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How Facebook can crash your career

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Dress For Success

Some tips on on perfecting your job interview

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