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2018 SLC Tutor Training

Workday Overview with Dr. Ginger Pedersen Leadership & Communication Training with Dr. Jeffrey Buller

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Faculty Recruitment Training 12/8/17

Faculty Recruitment Training 12/8/17

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Tutor Training Workshop: SLC Labs

Debra-Anne Singleton - Student Learning Ctr Manager

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Preceptor Training

Respiratory training - Gardens Campus

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SLC _powerpoint2015

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Student Learning Center PROMO

The Student Learning Center is a vibrant learning atmosphere on all four campuses of PBSC. This particular video highlights the Gardens campus SLC.

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MediaSpace Categories

This video describes how to create new categories and add content to your MediaSpace site.

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MediaSpace Admin Basics

This video reviews the Kaltura Kaltura MediaSpace Admin Console

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Intro to MediaSpace

A general overview of Kaltura's out-of-the-box video centric site-MediaSpace

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SAP: Internal Social Video Portal in Enterprises

In the past, it took days for SAP employees to create a single video. These days, it takes them an average of a few minutes. With over 80,000 employees, SAP uses Kaltura to distribute audio and video…

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