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ASD & The College Experience

ASD & The College Experience

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PTLC Event: Positivity in Pedagogy

Presented by Dr. Sankaranarayana Chandramohan An interactive, engaging, and participation-based session on approaches and practices that build and/or strengthen the positivity in us and the students…

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PTLC Presents: Marc Rosen

Marc Rosen spoke about marketing and perfume bottle design, the artistic process, his personal experiences and accomplishments along with the importance of storytelling. …

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Trigger Warnings

PTLC Pedagogy Pearls. Dr. Matt Klauza. Lake Worth Campus. 12/1/16. "Trigger Warnings: How We Can Be Aware"

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Reaching Student Athletes in the Classroom

PTLC Pedagogy Pearls. Tiffany Chapman. Adjunct Instructor. Lake Worth Campus. 12/1/16. "Reach Student Athletes in the Classroom".

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Making Class Participation Work

PTLC Presentation. Prof. Allen Webber. 10/26/2016. “Making Class Participation Work"

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Quick and Good - Using voice recording software to provide feedback to students

PTLC Pedagogy Pearls. Prof. Nick LaRocca. 10/26/2016. “Quick and Good: Using voice recording software to provide feedback to students"

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Thomas Jefferson on the Separation of Church and State - Part II

Presented by: Professor Tim Benham This year's discussion focuses on the key documents Jefferson authored which detail his conception of how government interacts with religion. His Letters to…

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The Legal and Historical Evolution of Genocide

Join us as PBSC's Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Berkowitz, examines the legal origins and historical roots of the “crime of all crimes,” genocide.

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The White Privilege Debate

Prof. Zalmond Abbondanza

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The White Privilege Debate

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Music Information Literacy or Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture

PTLC “Got Paper” series.

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Welcome to the Lake Worth PTLC

The Mission of the PTLC is to promote teaching excellence and student learning. The PTLC will foster a community of inquiry by serving as an information and support center, providing an informal…

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NISOD 2015 Presentation

- Login and check the attachment list for access to E-Books - The video shows the purpose of E-book, how it is used in lab classroom, and student feedback. The E-Book was created with basic Wi-Fi…

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Dr. Chandra

NISOD 2015 Excellence Award recipient Dr. Sankaranarayana Chandramohan, Division of Math and Science Palm Beach State College.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2015

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Dr. Irving Berkowitz, the son of holocaust survivors, shares his powerful and poignant memories of loss and his spirited passion for social justice and the…

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PTLC Event

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A presentation on communism by Dr Irving Berkowitz.

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Ghostly Encounters - 10/30/14

A presentation on Ghostly Encounters by Professor Bruce Beck.

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Deconstructing Communism - 4/24/14

A presentation on Deconstructing Communism by Dr. Irving Berkowitz.

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