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Engage Organization training

Organization, Event manager training

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Branch Manager Engage Training

Branch Manager training

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PBSC Ultimate Gaming Challenge - 04.30.21 - 10am to 5pm

It's PBSC's first Super Smash Brothers tournament! Includes open play, Mario Kart Speed Trials, Vintage Game challenges, and Mario Kart single elimination challenges. Open to all PBSC…

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2018 Scholarship Workshop

Palm Beach Gardens Campus Student Activities and Phi Theta Kappa presents Scholarship Workshop

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Student Activities Center

Learn a brief overview of Lake Worth Student Activities Center (SAC). Know the program, facility and how you can get involve and connect with other students at the campus.

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ICC Training 2015

Advisor Training

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Student Activities Center

Take a quick tour of the Student Activities Center Lake Worth Campus.

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SGA Forum 2015

SGA 2015 E-board hosts an interaction program with President Dr. Gallon.

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